Welcome to our brand new blog! We plan to cover a variety of furniture and refinishing topics here, so stay tuned for updates. Since this is the first entry to our blog, we figured what better way to start things off than the topic of proper furniture cleaning and care

There are a wide variety of products out there that are marketed for cleaning or polishing wood, but the unfortunate reality is that these chemical cleaners, regardless of claims, are actually harmful to the wood. Not only are these chemicals damaging to your furniture, but they almost always make OUR job that much more difficult when it comes time for refinishing! Ingredients like bleach, silicone, lemon oil, and various acids, all commonly found in commercial cleaning products will actually soak right through the finish and into the wood, and ultimately react poorly during the finishing process. The resulting side effects can extend the workload for us by several days in some cases, or even DOUBLE the labour time in the worst of cases

So what do we recommend instead? Simple soap and water! Try adding just a drop of non-invasive dish soap with lukewarm water to a microfiber cloth, and you will see results without causing damage to the wood. After wiping your furniture down with sudsy water, take another microfiber cloth to dry it off. Super simple, but this will be enough to clean up your typical everyday messes and buildups without harming the furniture in the long run.

Another tip to keep your furniture in the best condition might not seem obvious at first, but once you hear it, you might be amazed that it hadn’t occurred to you before. Humidity has a HUGE effect on wood, causing it to warp and swell, or dry up and crack. Especially true for us Canadians, we have a wonderfully extreme climate, with both excessively dry, cold winters, and hot, humid summers, both of which can wreak havoc on the wood of your poor pieces of furniture. Consider using a humidifier during the winter months, and a de-humidifier during the summer to help ensure your furniture lives up to its full potential!